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Multi-Purpose Portable Chiropractor

The Multi-Purpose Portable Chiropractor

I went on vacation last month, a beautiful place.  The water was crystal clear, the room was an amazing corner condo with a view of the ocean.  The bed may have been ok for everyone else, but I almost died.  Every morning, it felt like I had five knots in my back, all over the back.  I would stretch around, but it really wasn’t rolling out my knots or CRACKING my back.

If I were home, my chiropractor, my high school friend, and family friend for forty years could help me for $25 co pay, and who knows what my insurance is even charged.  I have gone to the chiropractor for 36 years, due to spondylolisthesis

The manipulations have changed at the chiropractor, it is three bear hugs now, instead of hand pushing down on the vertebrae.   I roll out the entire spine, just like grandma rolled out biscuits.  By accident, I even added a range of motion in my neck I have not had for years.

Have you used the conveyor system?  Where you lay on and the wheels rotate down your spine, it is a bit painful!  This tells me there is a relationship between the muscles, discs, and the nerves, dah, right?

I have spent thousands…

I thought what am I doing? I am paying $1200 (with what the insurance pays) to $2400 a year for this.  Three cracks, and to lay on my back for this rolling conveyor to loosen my spine or decompress muscles.

I am solving this problem!

I have looked at a lot of materials to give the support necessary to crack or adjust the back.  I did not even think about the neck, and no one is touting a neck adjustment.

I bought a hard-plastic container from a reputable distributer, filled it with water for support, but it does not have the strength to crack my back.  I have tried a lot of different things.

I have used other hard surfaces!

I want to save you money, that is why we charge $9.99 for the plans, so you can get or build your own. I ended up getting mine for free, so I want to give you the best deal I can. The heavy molded plastic is a high dollar material, weight adds to it. I can make yours, but the cost goes up.  I wanted one with no weight limit.  I am at 250 pounds now and I do not expect my weight to go down.  I have better energy already, even did push-ups and squats.

This will get your heart beating and that can start you on some good results.

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